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DOB 12/21/55
Addicted to Coca-Cola
Occasionally petulant
Seriously gypsy-hearted
Knows which fork to use
Sappy at odd moments
Somewhat (HA!) ethereal
Wild about the blues
Tendency to babble
Directionally dyslexic
Loyal like your best old dog 
Weight occasionally proportionate.
Intense (sometimes appropriately)



And I have a couple of other interests, too.

I'm normally in Florida. South of Sarasota and North of Naples. Within spitting distance of the Gulf of Mexico if you're a turbo-spitter. Here's where I usually sit when I'm working on the computer at home.

nok beach sunset

I grew up in Ohio, but I've lived off and on in Florida for a while now.

I like Florida. It's gotten crowded, and I have to avoid a lot of roads during tourist season to keep my road warrior within, but just about every single day when I wake, up the sun is shining. I can smell the Gulf of Mexico from my house. I can smell the citrus ripening outside my door. Herons. Cranes. Osprey. Lizards. An occasional snake. Everything is quite luscious.

 Why am I here? I'm still trying to answer that one. Let me get back to you. 

Why a web page? Because it's almost as good as a therapist, narcissist that I am. 

j and k 

I have a daughter

And we have a dog who likes to swim .

And A cat

I'm a licensed massage therapist, but I don't have a practice; mostly I work on friends and family.

And sailing is my new passion. It is very possible that the next hoc with the vm stuck to his headuse that I buy may be a boat. Or it may be an off-the-grid earthship or a yurt or strawbale or some combination of all. Or it may just be a strange hand-built compound out in the wilds somewhere.

I have a brother in Ohio. He's happily (I hope. Who ever really knows?) married and has a kid. An obstinate kid who used to run from me, but decided that he liked me last Christmas when I gave him a really noisy gift. Sorry, Skip.

And I have excellent parents.

mom and dad

I think that they thought me nuts for taking my trip, but they've been too polite to come right out and say it.

At least to ME.





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